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Welcome to Singing Trees Farm


About Our Farm/Project

Our Background

Singing Trees Farm is a de-colonizaton collaborative land restoration project focusing on sourcing and reintroducing pre-colonial crops back into the American Midwest using feminist cultivation techniques and Indigenous knowledge also many hours are spent bringing native plants back into the area and incorporating them with the cultivated plants. Located in the Wisconsin Driftless Area near the edge of the Kickapoo Water Shed. Singing Trees Farm is woman-owned.


Our Farm

Classes and courses for living on the land in a good way

Singing Trees is a place of reconnection to self and land through hands on learning the rejuvinates ecosystems and our souls. We invite you to learn in the food crop areas, the forest, the fields, by the streams...
We cover things like, wild plant medicine, organic farming, companion planting, plant propagation, how to fix equipement, maple sugaring, goard crafting....classes  change continually


Singing Trees Collective Inc.

Creating Connections

Poly-cultural Techniques

Wisconsin Polyculture in Harmony

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Experiential Learning

Art, Land and Culture

Wild Plant Restoration and rewilding

Assessment and implementation of wild plant restoration through consultation, cultivation, and restoration with strategies that minimize destruction of existing plant and animal communities.

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